Basa Fish Products

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We introduced Basa Fish in the year 2008 in India and Since then Basa Fish Products has almost created revolution in Seafood consumption in the country. From the the Launch till today, We are market Laeder of Basa Fish Products in India both in HORECA and Retail Industry.

Basa is Fresh water fish caught from Mekong Delta in south of Vietnam. It is very tasty and versatile fish whose flesh is mild enough to take on other flavours during preparations.

Each filllet is IQF, of consistent premium quality and of standard weight and processod in world class quality control systems. The processing is done following GMP, HACCP, ISO 9001:2000 and SQF Standards. Basa Fish goes well with grilling, pan-frying steaming, curry. Tandoor, barbeque and all types of preparations.

Our Premium Fillets have long shelf-life without having NO hassels of cleaning and cutting the fillets. Our fillets are boneless, ready to cook with NO wastage and are conviniently packed.

Salmon Fish Products

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We procure our Atlantic salmon from Norway and Scotland and are Market Leaders in HORECA sales in India. The Norwegian salmon products come from the clean, clear and unpolluted Norwegian fjords. The scottish salmon comes from the western end of the Great Glen at the foot of Ben Nevis.

We offer all types of Salmon Fillets, salmon portions as well as smoked salmon products. Our smoked products are traditionally smoked from the burning of Oak and beech Logs coupled with state of the art slicing and packaging.

The salmon products we offer have received many Gold Medals in international competitions in Europe where salmon is not just a fish but tradition.

Shrimp & Prawns

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we procure export quality frozen prawns and shrimps from the Southern region of India.

Our prawns are export quality G1 grade and available in different sizes.

We are known for our quality of Prawns in India and have Major Market share in HORECA Sector.

Mainly we are dealing into supreior quality black tiger, venamie prawns and Scampi Prawns.

Lamb Products

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We source our premium lamb products from New Zealand and Australia under the brand " SILVER FERN" & "FLETCHER" respectively.

We offer wide range of Raw lamb products for food service.

Our products include Lamb rack Cap- off, cap-on, boneless loin, loin chops, hind shank, boneless leg, etc.


Pork Products

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Our Pork products come from Spain, Holland, Brazil and other best pork producing countries in the world. We offer entire range of Raw pork as well as processod pork products for food service.

Our products include Pork belly, tenderloin, legs, ribs, chops etc. on the raw pork side and Hams, Sausages pepperoni etc. on the processed side.

We import best quality pork products only from Top Pork processors in the world.

Duck Products

We are dealing with suprerior quality frozen Peaking duck sourced from top leading suppliers in Thailand.

Our Products are whole Duck Griller, without Giblet, Head, Feet and with full wings. We also deal in Duck Breast.

Our ducks are widely used in HORECA segments and have got good response from top leading chef's from the industry.