Spring roll Pastry

We import spring roll pastry from Malaysia. The processing plant is HACCP approved which ensures best quality standards. Our pastry sheets are loaded with below features :
Easy to peel
Very soft and moist
Long shelf life
Does not absorb oil when fried
Remains crispy after frying

Nile Perch

Our Nile Perch fillets are very firm and excellent in quality.

The fish is really nutritious and has high content of omega-3. The Nile perch also contains lot of proteins and vitamins. It goes very well with Indian dishes especially fish tikkas as well as other cuisines.

Basa Fish

We introduced Basa Fish in the year 2008 in India and since then Basa fish products has almost created revolution in seafood consumption in the country. From the launch till today, we are market leader of Basa fish products in India both in HORECA and Retail Industry.

Basa is fresh water fish caught from Mekong Delta in south of Vietnam. It is very tasty and versatile fish whose flesh is mild enough to take on other flavors during preparations.

Each fillet is IQF, of consistent premium quality and of standard weight and processed in world class quality control systems. The processing is done following GMP, HACCP, ISO 9001:2000 and SQF Standards. Basa Fish goes well with grilling, pan-frying steaming, curry, tandoor, barbeque and all types of dishes.Our premium fillets have long shelf-life without having anyhassles of cleaning and cutting the fillets. Our fillets are boneless, ready to cook with no wastage and are conveniently packed.

Salmon Fish

We procure our Atlantic Salmon from Norway, Scotland and Malaysia and are market leaders in HORECA sales in India. The Norwegian salmon products come from the clean, clear and unpolluted Norwegian fjords. The Scottish salmon comes from the western end of the Great Glen at the foot of Ben Nevis.

We offer all types of Salmon Fillets, Salmon portions as well as Smoked salmon products. Our smoked products are traditionally smoked from the burning of oak and beech logs coupled with state of the art slicing and packaging.

The salmon products we offer have received many gold medals in international competitions in Europe where salmon is not just a fish but tradition.

Prawns and Shrimps

We procure export quality frozen prawns and shrimps from the Southern region of India.Our prawns are export quality G1 grade and available in different sizes.

Mainly we are dealing into superior quality black tiger, Vannamie prawns and Scampi Prawns.

We are known for our quality of Prawns in India and have major market share in HORECA sector.


Tilapia is one of the common preferred seafood among the different products available in India. There has been increasing consumption of Tilapia which has been observed in food industry. The fish has an increasing demand in national as well as International market.

The nutrition value of the fish is one of the highest in comparison to other commonly available food products.

We procure best of the Tilapia in different sizes like small, medium and big from Southeastern coast of India

Indian Basa

Indian basa is not just a favorite to fish lovers but also enjoyed by those who rarely eat fish as it is loaded with nutritional benefits. It is considered to be a healthy diet as it is an excellent source of protein, omega 3, amino acid and fatty acid.

We bring you premium quality river Indian Basa fillets in different sizes from Southeastern coast of India. We are one of the biggest suppliers to HORECA market.

Mahi Mahi

This is one of the popular eating fish in India. Due to its mild to moderate Flavour, it is considered to be very similar to swordfish. It is great for grilling and adapts well tomany seasonings.

There are variety of dishes which can be prepared using this. Few of them are Ginger Glazed Mahi Mahi, Grilled Mahi Mahi with Spicy Chili Mango Sauce, Mahi Mahi Fish Tacos, Ceviche and Rockefeller.

We procure this product from southeastern coast of India.

Tilapia (Whole Gutted)

Tilapia’s cleanest taste and bland flavor makes it really acceptable among the other categories of white fish. It is considered to be as lean, low-calorie source of protein. It is very easy to cook, you can bake it or even grill it.

We bring to your plate the best whole gutted Tilapia from Vietnam. We buy from the best supplier who ensures quality and consistency and follows international standards for the packaging of the product.

Chilean Seabass

Chilean Seabass which is a species of cod icefish evolves in cold waters of Indian, Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

We provide you chilean Sea Bass from Singapore which has a mild, yet delicious flavor that it requires only simple cooking. Classic recipes include branzino, a dish typical of Northern Italy where the fish is cooked in a salt crust.

Black Cod

Black cod are found from southern California to the Bering Sea in the Eastern Pacific, and from Kamchatka, Russia to southern Japan in the Western Pacific. It dwells in muddy areas of the ocean floor.

It is intensely rich, butteryflavor – hence the nickname “Butterfish” – and for its surprisingly delicate texture. Because of its versatility, you can grill it, smoke it, poach it and cure it.

We provide you the best black cod from Singapore and some other countries.

Tuna Saku

Tuna has a mild and meaty taste with a firm and moist texture. Our tuna products are individually vacuumed packed (IVP) and follows strict quality and sanitation guidelines. This product is especially preferred by Japanese chef’s for sushi, sashimi, and other variety of dishes.

We provide you the highest quality of tuna sakufrom Thailand which has a rich flavour. They are ideal for retail and HORECA market.


We source our premium lamb products from New Zealand and Australia under the brand ” SILVER FERN” & “FLETCHER” respectively.

We offer wide range of raw lamb products to the food service industry.

Our products include Lamb rack cap- off, cap-on, Lamb hind shank, Loin chops, Boneless lamb, Lamb leg, Ovine cap- off and cap-on.


Our Pork products come from Spain, Brazil and other best pork producing countries in the world. We offer entire range of raw pork as well as processed pork products for food service

Our products include Pork belly, Tenderloin, Legs, Ribs, Chops etc. on the raw pork side and Hams, Sausages pepperoni, streaky and back bacon etc. on the processed side.

We import best quality pork products only from top Pork processors in the world.


We provide quality frozen Peaking duck sourced from top leading suppliers in Thailand.Our Products are whole Duck Griller, without Giblet, Head, Feet and with full wings. We also deal in Duck Breast.

Our ducks are widely used in HORECA segments and have got good response from top leading chef’s from the food industry.


Caviar is one of the few products with the outstanding taste and texture. It is also rich in nutrients loaded with bunch of vitamins, minerals, sugar, fats etc. required for proper body functioning. It takes a place on the list of our exclusive products.

We maintain our own very high-quality standards to be able to offer the product of highest grade to our customers.

We bring to you the premium quality Caviar from Singapore.


Trufle is very rich in its aroma that no other product can match. It is grated onto food and into sauces, soups and salads. The harvesting of this product is a major contribution in deciding its price.

It can be frozen for two weeks in a freezer-proof glass jar or another recommendation is to store them whole in bland oil.

We supply best of the available Truflesto you from Singapore.