Empire Foods introduced Basa for the first time in India in Nov 2008.

From its launch to date, we are the market leader of Bass fish products in India both in HORECA and the Retail Industry.


Empire foods introduced Salmon from Scotland.

The salmon products we offer have received many gold medals in international competitions in Europe where salmon is not just a fish but a tradition.


In the year 2011, we introduced Salmon from Norway.

We offer all types of Salmon Fillets as well as Smoked salmon products.


This year, we introduced Lamb from Australia and New Zealand.

Our products include Lamb rack cap-off and cap on.


One of the first companies to get a license from the Food safety and standards authority of India

-We introduced Pork from Spain and Duck from Thailand in 2013.


We become one of the leading importers in the food industry.

-We feel proud to bring Caviar from France and Trufle from Singapore to India for the first time in India.


We offered Prawns and Shrimps to our clients from Coastal India.

We are known for our quality of Prawns in India and have a major market share in the HORECA sector.


Empire foods has been awarded "Independent Food & Grocery Retailer of the Year" by Food & Grocery in 2016.

We crossed a turnover of 100 crores. In 2016, we added Tilapia, Mahi Mahi and River Salmon from Coastal India


Empire foods have been awarded 'Category Champion for the year by Metro in 2017.

The latest addition to our products list are Chilean seabass and Black cod from Singapore.


One of our major achievements.

Empire Foods sets up a Shrimps processing factory in Nellore. We began exporting shrimp to the USA, Vietnam, Canada, Europe, Singapore and many more countries across the world


Empire Foods introduced Nile perch fillets from Uganda, Fresh Salmon from Scotland and Ceylon Seabass from Sri Lanka


Empire Foods introduced Spring Roll Pastry from Malaysia to India.


We launched Kataifi, Filo and Puff pastry from Australia.

Empire foods introduces gourmet cheese such as Gouda, Emmental, Edam Ball, Parmesan, and Cheddar.